BT To Connect 220,000 North-East Properties To High-Speed Broadband

BT is set to connect nearly 220,000 homes and enterprises to high speed broadband in the North-East of England over the coming months.

According to tech news site BT, a UK broadband, digital TV and telephony services provider, has plans to connect nearly 220,000 residences and businesses in North-east England to faster broadband connections, also known as 21st Century Network (21CN) technology, soon.

"This latest major investment in next generation broadband represents a huge BT vote of confidence in the future of Yorkshire and the Humber,” said John Anderson, regional director of BT in Yorkshire and the Humber region.

Anderson also added that the infrastructure implemented in the area will offer users a speed of up to 20Mbps, which is nearly twice the speed available in other parts of the country.

BT will offer the 21CN technology to around 31 communities in the region including Goole, Wombwell, Chapeltown and Stocksbridge by early 2011.

Around 68,000 connections in Wales are expected to upgrade to the new technology around same time next year.