Dell Adds Fusion-IO Option To Servers

Dell has announced that it will be offering Fusion-IO's ioDrives as an optional add-on for three of its server lines.

Fusion-IO is a storage technology start-up which offers flash memory-based storage gear for high-performance servers, allowing organisations to save on power and money.

The flash drives are designed to enhance the performance of an application running on the server.

The company's OEM partners include HP and IBM, both offering Fusion-io products in their respective server lines.

Dell, which had ventured into the server market some time back, was one of the companies that had invested in Fusion-io initially. Other investors include Samsung, New Enterprise Ventures and Sumitomo Ventures.

In 2009, Fusion-io raised $48 million in funding from LightSpeed Venture Partners.

David Flynn, Fusion-io's CEO and co-founder, said in a statement to Channel Register: “We look forward to working with Dell to provide its customers with an ultra-high density memory that’s accessed like storage.”