Facebook Places Uses Old Bing maps

Facebook Places, the platform's recently launched location based feature, uses the old version of Bing Maps, despite Microsoft having updated it more than two weeks ago.

According to Seattle PI, Microsoft added significant updates to its Bing Maps service, bringing a new colour scheme, new fonts and improved text sizes.

Facebook's mobile website, which offers the Places service, seems to be using the older version of Bing Maps.

Speaking to Seattle PI, a Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement: “The new map style is not available in the Bing Maps Platform yet via the Open API. We're in active discussions to have Facebook begin using the new map style once it becomes natively available in the Bing Maps Platform.”

The official Facebook iPhone application uses Google Maps in the Places function.

The service, which currently available only in the US, will allow users to broadcast their location over their social network and 'check-in' to nearby places to let people where they are and what they doing.