GloFo confirms it will make 28nm GPUs for AMD

A spokesman for GlobalFoundries confirmed to THINQ that AMD has committed to use the chip foundry's fabs to supply it with 28nm GPUs.

Whether that means AMD is prepred to dump Taiwanese foundry TSMC in the process is another matter, however. And sources close to those in the know tell us AMD is unlikely to put all its eggs that particular basket.

Rather, AMD is likely to keep TSMC sweet by continuing to avail itself of its services, as both try to figure out how to make AMD's Fusion chips. AMD is set to divulge more on its combined "Advanced Processing Units" at Hot Chips next week.

TSMC has already committed to deliver AMD`s 40nm "Southern Island" graphics refresh by the end of the year and has already tested its 28nm process with pilot production. GlobalFoundries on the other hand is expected to pilot 28nm production at the beginning of 2011.

Back in April, AMD CEO Dirk Meyer said the "first intersection" of AMD GPUs and Globalfoundries are on the 28nm process. He refrained from giving any dates but the intersection looks like being just around the corner.

Corners in chip-making terms are always a good six months off.