Google Patches Nine Chrome Vulnerabilities

Google has released a batch of security updates to patch nine security vulnerabilities on its Chrome web browser.

According to Google's official Chromium Blog, the security update patches 2 critical vulnerabilities, 6 high risk flaws and one medium rated vulnerability.

The company refused to release a complete description of the security vulnerabilities, but has said that the two critical vulnerabilities were capable of causing a crash while the browser was shutting down, as well as causing corruption of the browser memory cache.

The remaining six vulnerabilities included one which could allow hackers to imitate the Chrome address bar.

The company also announced a list of developers that were given monetary awards for reporting vulnerabilities on the Chrome web browser.

Special mention was made to a Marc Schoenefeld, who received $1,337 for reporting a Windows Kernel bug.

Google engineer Jason Kersey wrote on the blog: “Aside from the listed security bugs fixed in Chromium, we have also deployed a workaround for a critical vulnerability where the root cause lies in an external component.”