HP confirms webOS-powered device a-comin'

In a conference call to back up Q3 earning statement, HP confirmed it wants to launch a webOS-powered device in early 2011.

The company has been putting out conflicting statements about a possible hand-held gadget ever since it bought up developer of said operating sytem Palm earlier this year.

The tablet - if we assume it will be one - could well tip up at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas which is traditionally held at the beginning of the year. At this year's show, HP lent Microsoft's bombastic CEO Steve Ballmer a Windows-powered tablet to brandish at the show in an attempt to quell some of the hype then building over Apple's iPad. In the end HP gave up on that device leaving Mr Shouty with iEgg on his face.

HP is currently trawling about for a new CEO after Mark Hurd got embroiled in a spot of controversy over his relationship with an actress-cum-Playboy model cum marketing consultant.

The company managed to claw in revenue of $30.7 billion in Hurd's final quarter in charge - up 11.4 per cent, or $3.1 billion, over Q3 2009.

Profit was up 14 per cent to $3.4 billion over the previous year, as Hurd was no doubt doing some things right.

HP said notebook revenue for the quarter was up 10 per cent, while desktop revenue increased 27 per cent.

"The broad-based strength of HP's Q3 performance further demonstrates the power of our strategy and the discipline of our execution," said Cathie Lesjak, HP chief financial officer and interim chief executive officer.

If you fancy the job of running HP, drop her a line.