Judge Ruling Limits Damages In SAP-Oracle Suit

The judge presiding over the ongoing lawsuit between SAP and Oracle has made a ruling which marginalises the amount of damages that SAP must pay to Oracle.

Previously SAP had admitted to some of the charges made against its subsidiary TomorrowNow, and had agreed to pay the damages. However, Oracle had claimed that it had suffered billions of dollars worth of losses when TomorowNow illegally downloaded Oracle software and other intellectual property.

To this, SAP had vowed it would provide evidence that Oracle had sustained damages worth "tens of millions of dollars" instead of the billions it was asking for.

The judge has narrowed down the scope of damages that have to be paid by SAP in an attempt to focus the lawsuit.

In a statement, a spokesperson for SAP, said: “SAP is committed to compensating Oracle for the harm the limited operations of TomorrowNow actually caused. That compensation must be reasonable and it must be tethered to reality and the law.”