Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Details Leaked

Microsoft is on the verge of releasing a new mouse based on its BlueTrack advanced optics technology.

The Microsoft Arc Touch is capable of lying flat for storage and can be bent into an 'arc' for use.

The reports of the new Microsoft mouse first surfaced after a German consumer electronics vendor,, published details and product shots of the upcoming device. The images were later on taken down from the website.

According to tech news site Information Week, the Arc Touch mouse comes with a 2.4 GHz wireless receiver which is capable of connecting with a USB port.

The mouse also comes with a touch sensitive strip for scrolling, and a battery indicator. The design is also said to allow right and left handed customers to use the device easily.

A price list recently revealed by Engadget, has suggested that the Arc will cost $69.95 in the US, putting the device in direct copetition with Apple's Magic Track Pad, which is slightly larger and offers multi-touch capabilities along with pinch-to-zoom.