News@5: PS3 Jailbroken, Apple Shuts Down Quattro Wireless & Microsoft Arc Touch

An American gamer is to sue Korean game maker NCSoft after becoming addvited to playing Lineage II. Craig Smallwood claims that the company's Lineage II game was so addictive, that playing it caused him to not leave enough time for his daily activities, such as waking up, dressing, bathing or talking to friends and family.

Google has opened its Chrome Web Store for developers to try out before its speculated launch in October. The company confirmed the reports of the Chrome Web store launch and has released details about the upcoming Web store on the official Chromium Blog.

Sony’s PlayStation 3 games console has been hacked sung a USB dongle. A new hacking group, called PS Jailbreak, has claimed that it has to hacked into Sony’s PlayStation 3 and installed the game "Ratchet & Clank" from a FAT32 external hardrive.

Apple is set to shut down Quattro Wireless less than a year after it acquired the mobile advertisement firm for $275 million. The company is planning a different advertising strategy for itself, focussing on its recently launched iAd mobile advertisement service for its iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad devices.

Microsoft is on the verge of releasing a new mouse based on its BlueTrack advanced optics technology. The Microsoft Arc Touch is capable of lying flat for storage and can be bent into an 'arc' for use.