PS3 Jailbroken By USB Dongle

Sony’s PlayStation 3 games console has been hacked sung a USB dongle.

A new hacking group, called PS Jailbreak, has claimed that it has to hacked into Sony’s PlayStation 3 and installed the game "Ratchet & Clank" from a FAT32 external hardrive, tech news site THINQ reported on Thursday.

The USB dongle, which is being sold for $150, when attached to the PS3 hardware enables gamers to play legally dubious HD games from unapproved sources. The USB dongle offers on-screen instructions to complete the process of jailbreaking the PS, making the process simple for any wishing to try it.

The dongle is being advertised as compatible with both the original, and the new slim models of the PlayStation 3.

One most important advantages of the USB dongle jailbreak is that it does not automatically nullify the warranty of the device.

Even so, supplier OzModChips states: "We can't guarantee you will never be banned for using the third party device."

Emerging reports suggest that the jailbreak also allow users to run pirated software on the system and play games online, as well as run and save non-approved games from the hard disk.