Steam For Mac Prompts OSX Graphics Update

Apple has released graphics updates for its Mac OSX 10.6.4, significantly improving gaming performance and graphics on the platform.

The move comes after online gaming portal Valve released a Mac version of its 'Steam' platform, which allows users to play single and multi-player online games on the Mac.

Although Valve had reported that Mac users accounted for a large number of its user base, several gamers and experts had complained about the lack of graphics support on Apple's platform, affecting gaming performance.

Tech blog AnandTech had released a detailed comparison report gaming performance on Mac and Windows platform, indicating that Mac was way behind Windows when it comes to gaming.

This is because Apple concentrated more on offering a stable environment than offering a graphically enriched one.

With this update, the situation has changed and Valve has been quick to highlight it.

The company said: “In addition to low-level implementation changes which have improved performance across the board, Apple has also removed some implementation inefficiencies which allow us to improve visual quality, most notably in the area of GPU occlusion queries.”