Unico Slams Mafia II "Racist Nonsense"

Unico National has requested for a delay in the release of the highly anticipated video game Mafia II, claiming that the game has racist implications in it.

One of the largest Italian-American service organisations in the US, Unico National has lashed out at the maker of Mafia, Take Two, calling it "a pile of racist nonsense", tech news site THINQ has reported.

“Take Two is directly, blatantly and unfairly discriminating and demeaning one group to the exclusion of all others. We are demanding they halt release of the game and cleanse it of all references to Italians and Italian-Americans," stated Andre’ DiMino, president of Unico National.

Taking a strong stand against Take Two, Unico has demanded for a delay in the release of the game.

Responding to the letter, Zelnik said: "Mafia II tells a compelling story about organised crime in America - a subject that for decades has been featured in movies, television shows and novels."

"Neither UNICO nor any other organisation purporting to represent Italian-Americans has seen or played Mafia II."

The game has been slated for an August 24 release worldwide.