Yet another Nokia handset is leaked

Nokia has had another handset leaked in a week where we thought there couldn't be any more unannounced phones from the Finnish mobile makers, this time around it's the Nokia N9 - a Qwerty keyboard based device in what appears to be in an N8 chassis.

Images have cropped up on the Chinese Website Baidu, where they show the yet-to-be-announced handset in all its glory from different angles and with the keyboard exposed too.

Nokia's N9 appears to be the slide out Qwerty keyboard counterpart to the full touch screen N8 device, with this model complementing the new N series line up of handsets with this phone replacing the N97 models.

It's been rumoured Nokia is replacing the Symbian platform on their flagship N series devices, with the joint Intel and Nokia OS Meego. It's been reported elsewhere the N9 phone in these pictures could be running Meegoo, with the shots of the mobile running an OS that gives that very impression.

This latest leak arrives at the end of a period of time where nearly every mobile phone Nokia is trying to keep a lid on is now out in the public domain, with no surprises or breaking news to really be had or reported upon at Nokia World come September.


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