Tesco does a brisk trade in second-hand games

Supermarketing giant Tesco has started running adverts offering to buy up punters' second hand computer games.

Customers won't actually get real cash money for their old games but they will get vouchers that can be spent in Tesco shops.

Tesco is currently offering £17 for Mario Kart Wii, £12 for 2010 FIFA World Cup on PS3 and £19 for the XBox version of Red Dead Redemption in its latest ads.

The scheme follows trials in some Tesco shops and is now running in some 60 outlets across the country.

Tesco is also reflogging the games, which is great news for pimply gamers as they won't have to pay the rip-off prices demanded for new titles.

The industry is likely to mortified and cry foul, but will fall short of branding Tesco a pirate.

A new copy of Red Dead Redemption costs £39.70 at Tesco. At that price, every little helps.