Trade Groups Slam Proposal For Mandatory FM Radio In Mobile Phones

Trade groups representing electronics manufacturers have opposed a proposal by radio and recording labels to include FM radios in every mobile phone in the US.

The Associated Press reported on Thursday that the proposal, made by National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) along with several recording groups affiliated to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), has been put into consideration after protests from CTIA and the Consumer Electronics Association.

“The backroom scheme of the NAB and RIAA to have Congress mandate broadcast radios in portable devices, including mobile phones, is the height of absurdity,” said Gary Shapiro, chief executive officer of CEA.

Shapiro also added that forceful addition of radio device and antenna in a phone will result in compromises on various other important and desirable features.

Radio can result in shortened battery life and make the mobile device heavier.

The debate is a part of long-running unresolved dispute over music royalties that a radio channels have to pay to recording labels and performers for each song the station plays on air.