Amazon Set To Release Kindle 3

Amazon is set to release the latest iteration of its Kindle e-reader in the UK this Friday.

The new Kindle 3 is lighter and cheaper than its predecessors, and Amazon has promised that it will take the market by storm.

Weighing about 240 grams, the Kindle 3 is a lot lighter than previous versions and competitors, chiefly the Apple iPad and Barnes and Nobel Nook.

The new Kindle comes with considerable improvements in its functionality and user interface.

Compared to older versions, the page-turning speed has considerably improved and the e-ink technology has been enhanced to provide a clearer, sharper image - although the screen remains black and white.

The device comes with a month-long battery and free access to the Amazon store.

The Kindle 3 has been given social media compatibility and a larger memory capable of storing around 3,500 books.

Amazon has also given significant improvements to the experimental web browser, MP3 player and text-to-voice feature.

The Wi-Fi only Kindle 3 is available in the UK for £109 and £149 for the 3G + Wi-Fi variant.