Android 2.2 arrives on Vodafone's HTC Desire today

Mobile phone network Vodafone has starting rolling out the Google Android OS 2.2 from today onwards, to the HTC Desire handsets running on their network.

The carrier announced over twitter the update was coming, in a message that reads "Android 2.2 update for HTC Desire available on 23 August." - with an accompanying link to their website's forum. The webpage linked to the tweet ran through what needs to be done to prepare for its arrival, with what to do when an OTA (Over The Air) notification message arrives.

There appears to also be an option to opt out of using the Vodafone 360 software applications, as it's been reported customers have noted a performance issue on the handsets with those apps running.

Elements such as HD 720p Video recording, app sharing along with better all around improvements to the OS are brought in with Froyo.

Google's Android 2.2 will start being pushed out today and could last as long as two weeks to complete, according to Vodafone.

As always, we recommend downloading the update over WIFI instead of from the networks data means - due to the very size of the software, where the phone's data allowance will be severely impacted otherwise.

Vodafone Tweet

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