Apple To Bring Apps To iTV

Apple is rumored to be on the verge of releasing a game changing alteration to its Apple TV platform.

The changes are said to bring applications and live video streaming capabilities to users' TVs.

According to tech news site Engadget, credible sources within Apple have said that the company will release a $99 version of Apple TV, which will come with its own App Store and iTunes streaming capabilities.

Engadget also reports that the device won't be capable of playing 1080i or 1080p high definition video.

Digg founder Kevin Rose has claimed that Apple's iTV will revolutionise the manner in which people watch TV, Fortune has reported.

Rose claimed that the device will come with applications and one-push photo as well as video sharing features. He added that the iPad will act as a handheld, touch enabled remote control for the Apple iTV device.

In a blog posted on ZD Net, Alain Grignon speculates that the Apple iTV device may also come in the form of a low-cost Apple iPad, which will come with live streaming features instead of a hard drive.