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Apple iPhone Accounts For 55 Per Cent Of Smartphone Ads

Apple iOS devices, especially its iPhone, accounted for the most smartphone adverts in July, new research by mobile advertising network Millennial Media has shown.

According to Millennial Media, a web-based firm that keeps an index of trends in mobile market every month, Apple’s iPhone holds a 55 per cent share of the total smartphone advert market, tech news site Apple Insider has reported.

The Millennial Mobile Mix report states that Apple is followed by Android-based mobile phones, with 19 per cent of total smartphone advertisements.

Blackberry maker Research In Motion (RIM) is reported to hold 16 per cent of the total share, followed by Microsoft’s Windows Phone with a 4 per cent share.

“The fact that more devices are being launched by different handset manufacturers and the fact that developers are choosing to develop on multiple platforms, continues to show that where there is money to be made, developers will go there,” said Steve McCord, product development chief at Millennial.