Demon Launches Broadband Package For Gamers

Internet service provider (ISP) Demon Internet has introduced a special broadband package designed for gamers in the UK.

According to tech news site Tech Watch, Demon has announced a new package, called the 'Demon Game Pro', designed to give priority to gamers while emphasising the concept of net neutrality.

"What we're doing is putting gamers into a business grade network. Looking at the usage of gamers, it's actually more akin to a small business," said Carl Warner, proposition manager at Demon.

The new package offers a download speed up to 24Mbps at £21.99 per months on a contract of one year. For those who want to have a three-months contract will have to pay £23.99 per month.

The new package also offers a wireless router, free of cost, a stable IP address, and no usage limit during the peak hours of the day for gamers. The package also offers lower latency rate along with 24 hour technical support.