Google Patches 11 Holes In Chrome

Google has released security patches to fix recently discovered flaws in its Chrome web browser.

Google has released patches to fix 11 security flaws in Chrome, out of which nine flaws will be addressed within the web browser, tech news site TG Daily has reported.

According to the reports, out of the nine vulnerabilities, six have been tagged as high risk flaws, one as a medium risk flaw, and two flaws have been rated as highly critical threats.

Google has has awarded around $6,000 to company-hired hackers from Bug Bounty Hunter for discovering the nine flaws, along with $1,337 to Sergey Glazunov, a security researcher who notified the company about two highly critical flaws in its web browser under company’s paid disclosure programme.

According to Jason Kersey, a member of Google’s Chrome team, the reported vulnerabilities could cause users threats from spoofing, memory corruption and browser crashes if exploited by malicious SVG image files and MIME-type files.