Google Announces $5 Registration Fee For Chrome Developers

Google has announced a $5 one-time registration fee for developers wanting to publish themes, add-ons and applications fro its Google Chrome browser and domain verification system.

The company explained on the official Chromium Blog that the new measures were out in place to ensure that users are not subjected to malicious content on the Chrome platform.

The $5 registration fee and domain verification system will determine the authenticity of the developers

Google said that the registration fee will allow developers full access to the Google Chrome Web Store for uploading themes and add-ons designed for the browser.

In the near future, developers will be able to upload applications as well, Google explained.

The company also added that developers who are already registered with the Extensions gallery or have done so before 11am PST today, won't have to pay the $5 fee.

The Domain Verification system on the other hand, will allow users to link their themes and apps directly to their website, thereby authenticating the content.

The company said: “This way, they can clearly associate their extension with their brand and website, which in turn will help users identify “official” extensions in the gallery.”