Google Tests Instantly Updating Search Result Page

Google has tested a search function which displays automatically updating search results as users type in their search query.

The Google experiment was first discovered by Rob Ousbey, who reported that the search results were appearing as he was typing his search query. He even recorded a video to showcase exactly how the experimental search function works.

The new search function is designed to save users' time by giving them more focused search results, that are supposedly more relevant to their search query.

Google confirmed the experiment via blog post and added that the company constantly runs experiments in order to improve the way people conduct searches on the platform.

The company did not disclose whether the new function would be made a permanent part of the search engine in the near future or not.

Ambar Pansari, the product manager for user search experience in Google, wrote: “We are currently testing new ways to refine searches so that, for example, a search for jobs might offer a choice of job location or function, rather than forcing you to continually narrow the terms you type in to a standard Google search.”