iOS 4 Update To Fix Proximity Sensor And Bluetooth Flaws

Apple's iOS 4 update is set to fix a number of glitches on the platform, including a flaw in the proximity sensors and Bluetooth connectivity.

The company has released the third beta version of the operating system update to developers and has highlighted the major fixes that it will contain.

Apple has not announced that the update will fix flaws in the proximity sensors or Bluetooth connectivity, but Apple Insider sources believe that improvements in the functions are inevitable.

According to Apple Insider, the iOS 4.1 will also bring Apple's highly awaited Game Center to the platform.

The Game Center is being touted as one of the biggest updates the OS has ever received. The platform will work in a similar fashion to Microsoft's Xbox Live and will allow users to play, and discuss, games at the same time

According to the screenshots released by Apple Insider, users will be able to access Game Center using their Apple accounts and will be able to maintain a gamer profile on the platform.

Users will be able to create profiles using anonymous aliases and form a friend list as well.