OWC unleashes £64 Sandforce drive

If you've been dutifully ignoring the SSD "buy me" song in the hope that they might become more sensibly priced, then now's your time to get your wallet ready. US memory maker Other World Computing (OWC) has just announced it's selling a 40GB SSD with a Sandforce controller for just $99.99 (£64.35).

As with other comparable drives based on a Sandforce SF-1200-series controller, OWC's 40GB Mercury Extreme Pro boasts a maximum sequential read speed of 285MB/sec, and can perform sequential writes at a maximum of 275MB/sec. In terms of random performance, OWC says it can also perform 4KB random writes at up to 50,000 IOPS (input/output operations per second).

A total of 43GB of flash memory is provided with the drive, with 3GB allocated to error correction. Unlike Corsair's equivalent Force-series drives, however, OWC's SSDs don't come with a 3.5-inch bracket adaptor for easy installation into a desktop PC.

We haven't spotted any UK retailers snapping up the drive yet, but it's not that expensive to have the drive shipped over here from the US either. If you buy the drive directly from OWC, you just need to add $8.23 for postage and you can have a 40GB Sandforce drive delivered for $108.22.

That works out at £69.64 at the current exchange rate, making this a veritable bargain, even if you have to pay for international shipping. As a point of comparison, Corsair's equivalent 40GB F40 Sandforce drive will currently set you back £96.98 (£92.99 + £3.99 postage) in the UK.

There's just one snag; this introductory offer is only open until the end of August, so get your order in quick if you want to get a taste of affordable Sandforce goodness. The drives come with a three-year warranty, and OWC says they'll play nicely with both PCs and Macs.