Pentagon Wants To Talk To Wikileaks, Claims Assange

Wikileaks has claimed that the US Ministry of Defence is ready to discuss the status of the yet-to-be released 15,000 confidential documents held by the whistle-blowing site.

Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, has told tabloids that the Pentagon has shown interest in discussing the status of unreleased confidential data, citing security threats to involved army personnel and Afghan civilians, news agency the Associated Press has reported.

Assange said he welcomes the initiative taken by Pentagon as it is always better to hold discussion between two parties in order to reach a negotiation.

The Pentagon has, however, denied such claims.

Bryan Whitman, spokesman for the Ministry of Defence said: “We are not interested in negotiating some sort of minimised or sanitised version of classified documents. These documents are property of the United States government. Their unauthorised release threatens the lives of coalition forces as well as Afghan nationals."

Wikileaks is currently gearing-up for the release of the second batch of files to its “Afghan War Diary” within the month.