Sony Can Detect Jailbroken PS3s

Sony is reported to be able to detect jailbroken PlayStation 3 (PS3) consoles as soon as they are connected to its PlayStation network.

A website dedicated to jailbreaking PS3s, PS3hax has warned users that Sony can find out the use of a USB dongle on a jailbroken device on its network and can ban the device immediately.

PS3hax states: “The Backup manager game ID could be recorded by Sony when online. This would obviously allow Sony to see who would be using the illegal PSjb/clone and we could see ban waves similar to the Xbox 360.”

As soon as a USB dongle is connected to the PlayStaion Network, the screen will read an "8002A227" error code, indicating that the company has blocked the particular device from its network.

The portal selling USB dongle is marketing their product by stating that the dongle will be able to trick the console that the attachment is a developer unit.

The jailbreak process will enable PS3 owners to play copied games from PS3 hard disk from external drives and play them without the presence of a certified source.