Sony Details New PlayTV Features

Sony's PlayTV set-top box for the PlayStation 3 is set to receive a number of updates that will allow users to watch TV shows more easily and stay connected with friends on the PlayStation Network.

During the Gamescom conference in Germany, Sony, as well as launching new versions of the PS3, also highlighted key updates for the PlayTV box, tech news site Pocket-Lint reports.

PlayTV is a hardware add-on for the PS3 console that allows users to watch Freeview programs and record and pause live television.

The new updates for PlayTV include Chat TV, which will allow users to send and receive text chat messages while watching a live TV program. The function integrates heavily with the PlayStation Network.

Sony has also introduced a new function called TVTV, which will allow users to plan their TV schedule for a whole week in advance. Users will be able to search for programs according to genre, actors, directors and producers.

Other updates include Series Link, which will allow users to create links of their favourite TV shows, Facebook integration, which will let users to send recommendations to their friends and Community Favourites, which will let users take part in discussions about their favourite shows with their friends on PSN.