Wikileaks Rape Claim Woman Files Charges After "Similar Experience"

The journalist who supported rape charges made by a Swedish woman against Julian Assange has said that she does not regret filing charges against him.

One of the two women who supported the rape charge against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, has told a Swedish national newspaper that she did not know the woman personally, however, she agreed to register a separate complaint because she faced similar advances from Assange, the Telegraph has reported.

“I believed her information immediately because I had a similar experience myself. The other woman wanted to report a rape, I gave my statement as a support statement to her story and to support her,” said Maria Haljebo Kjellstrand in her interview with the newspaper.

According to Kjellstrand, the information provided to her was convincing enough to prompt her to lodge a legal complaint against Assange, and that she does not regret her decision to file legal charges against him.

Assange has said that, following the shocking leak of confidential US army documents, he expected to be trapped in some kind of controversy to bring a bad name to his company and that he was warned about these potential sex traps.