Amazon Kindle Not Available Until Mid September

E-tailer Amazon has updated the webpage of the new Kindle and now says that it won't be available until the mid-September, nearly three weeks after its official launch which will take place on Friday 27th.

Amazon points out to strong customer demand to explain why the Kindle is temporarily sold out; it does invite prospective customers to order now "to reserve" their place in the line as they come on a first come, first serve basis with orders expected to ship on or before September 17th.

The petite Kindle without 3G will cost $139 while the model with 3G, which is also out of stock, adds another $50 to the price. The only Kindle currently in stock is the bigger Kindle DX model with a 9.7-inch display and a much bigger price tag at $379.

The cheaper model is not only 15 per cent lighter but also boasts a 50 per cent better contrast compared to other e-reader, has darker, crisper fonts, a 21 per cent smaller bogy and a battery life of up to one month.

Users will be able to turn pages faster, store twice the number of books and download them (from a library of more than 630,000 books) for free through the built-in Wi-Fi capability.

However, if Google search data is to be trusted, users in the UK, seems to be searching for the iPad six times more than the Kindle and that's not a good sign for Amazon.