AMD Shows Bulldozer, Bobcat Core Designs

AMD has revealed details of its next generation x86 processor core implementations with two products, Bulldozer and Bobcat, which target two very different but complementing markets.

Later today, AMD will describe at the Hot Chips conference at the Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, how it intends to recapture the performance lead from archrival, Intel, with the introduction of new technologies like the Fusion APU (Accelerated Processing Unit).

Bulldozer will aim at the high performnce PC and server customers while Bobcat will target the low power notebook and small form factor desktop market; we suspec that Bobcat will also be used in tablet devices and netbooks as well.

Both architectures will be part of AMD's most significant technological shift ever since the launch of the Athlon platform back in June 1999 and are built ground up to support multi-core functionality with up to 16 cores on a single chip.

Bulldozer will be build using AMD's own 32-nm SOI (Silicon-on-Insulator) technology via its partner and sister company, DIC-owned Global Foundries, while Bobcat will use facilities from the likes of TSMC on 40nm to cut down on costs through economies of scale.

The latter is said to consume around 1w per core and should perform just as well as Intel's current generation of Atom processors (whose performance haven't changed much over the last two years).