Apple iTunes U Reaches 300 Million Downloads

Apple has announced that iTunes U has just topped 300 million downloads since it was launched back in May 2007, becoming one of the most popular online educational repositories with more than 800 universities around the world contributing to the scheme and having active iTunes U sites.

These together contain more than 350,000 audio and video files, which are all free and are available to a number of platforms including the iPad, the iPhone and the iPod Touch, but only through Apple iTunes.

Over the last three years, the complexity of the material uploaded on iTunes U has increased with campus tours, sport highlights, laboratory demos and more being uploaded.

At the latest count in February 2010, iTunes had reached more than 10 billionth song download, possibly reaching 15 billion if books, videos and applications are included in the tally.

Many view iTunes U as a vital part of Apple's plans to increase its stronghold on the US educational market and expand it overseas; getting universities to use Apple's free resources is a great marketing tool and may end up turning up into something more integrated over the next few years.