Apple Patent Points To iMac Touch, MacOS X To iOS transition

A patent for an iMac device with a touchscreen capabilities has been found and it leads us to believe that Apple may be looking at similar Touch-capable devices with the prospect of enabling the smooth transition from OSX to the iOS platform.

Patently Apple provides with some extraordinary analysis here and here about how Apple might go about making it happen and uses the iMac and the MacBook as example.

The devices would come with inbuilt sensors and accelerometer which sense when the desktop moves from a desktop to a tablet position and vice versa, switching the interface accordingly.

It is not known whether the OS would switch from Mac OSX to iOS or whether the transformation would only enable the touch sensitivity feature; Apple's OS is already tablet ready as proven by the popular Axiotron Modbook system (available here).

That said, Apple will be facing a number of significant legal, logistical and technical difficulties as mentioned both by Crunchgear and Fastcompany; will both OSes run concurrently? How much extra will that add to the product? How would the whole thing scale up? What about the patents hold on the touchscreen format by others?

It also introduces another significant question; is Apple looking, over the next few years, to transition from x86 to its own iOS-enabled, ARM-based processor architecture altogether, at least for its light desktop and laptop range?