Author Claims Kindle Outsells iBooks By 60 To 1

Fiction Writer J.A Konrath revealed how poor sales of his novels were doing on the Apple iBooks platform compared to Amazon's Kindle Store in a post on his personal website.

Konrath, who is one of the most popular authors on Amazon, said that he sells around 200 ebooks a day on the kindle but only 100 per month on the iPad; this means that as it stands, the Kindle outsells the iBooks by 60 to 1.

With nearly 40 books available in digital format, Konrath is a staunch advocate of everything digital; that's a big change from last year when he stated that he was not sure what the future holds for the Amazon Kindle, earning $90 a day back then via the platform.

In a blog post in June 2009, he correctly predicted that he could sell 200 books per day one day via Kindle. Ironically, Amazon's digital publishing solution might be performing better on Apple's iOS platform than Apple's own.

Konrath figures come nearly three months after Steve Jobs claimed that the iBookstore owned 22 per cent of the total eBook market in merely eight weeks.

One of the reasons put forward by Macgasm to explain why Apple might be doing so poorly is that it doesn't offer the number of titles compared to the Kindle store.