Cloud Computing Can Reduce Enterprise IT Problems, Says Expert

Enterprises can bypass most IT problems by adopting public cloud services, an analyst with the IDC has claimed.

David Bradshaw, the European head of SaaS market research with the International Data Corporation (IDC), has claimed that by shifting some of their IT operations to the cloud, companies can overcome most problems.

He said that this is because a third party will be responsible for the smooth running of IT operations in the cloud.

Bradshaw added that this will then allow the companies to focus mainly on using the operation, instead of wasting time and resources on building and maintaining it themselves.

“The public cloud allows organisations to displace a problem and shift it into the cloud. The orchestration will be the problem of the IT department, the actual systems behind the service won't,” said Bradshaw .

The suggestions made by the cloud expert come after the IDC predicted that the revenue generated from cloud computing services will increase from £375 million ($582 million) in 2009 to £463 million ($718 million) in 2014.