Five Rejoins Project Canvas

UK television broadcaster Channel 5 has announced that it will rejoin the BBC-led IPTV consortium Project Canvas following its change of ownership.

Five was recently acquired by Richard Desmond's media firm Northern & Shell.

The broadcaster, which was previously owned by the RTL Group, was welcomed back to the project after Desmond decided it was best for the future of the channel.

Speaking to the Guardian, he said: “This is important to the future of Channel 5 and having an open internet-connected TV platform fits closely with our plans to bring brilliant new content and interactive services to viewers.”

Project Canvas, which recently received approval from the BBC Trust, is a conglomerate of Britain's top TV broadcasters and telecom service providers, coming together to deliver TV content to internet-enabled televisions on a common platform.

Richard Halton, the director of Project Canvas, welcomed Channel 5 back in the group, saying that the contributions made by the channel were valuable for the future development of the platform.