HP Tops Dell's Bid For 3Par

Hewlett-Packard (HP) has bid to acquire data-storage hardware developer 3Par.

The move is an attempt to outbid rival Dell for the hardware company.

HP has bid $1.6 billion, in a counter bid to leave behind rival Dell, which offered 3Par $1.15 billion last week, the Telegraph has reported.

According to Cathie Lesjak, the interim chief executive officer at HP, the amount quoted by the company is a better offer than put forward by Dell and that HP is ready to seal the agreement once 3Par revokes the acquisition deal with Dell.

“This has been a methodical process. We've given a superior offer, and we're confident in our business case and our proposal," said Dave Donatelli, chief of enterprise server and storage division at HP.

He added that the deal had already been in consideration before Dell submitted its first bid.