Intel And Nokia Team Up For Mobile 3D

Intel, Nokia and the University of Oulu have announced a joint research program aimed at developing software for virtual reality and 3D features on mobile devices.

Both Intel and Nokia are also developing 3D and virtual reality software for their joint open source MeeGo mobile operating system, which is yet to be launched on a Nokia device.

According to tech news site Computer World, 24 researchers will be working on developing the technology for MeeGo. The companies have suggested that the software may be extended to other mobile platforms in the future.

During a conference call with reporters, representatives of the companies said that the University of Oulu was the ideal research partner as it is known for working on projects related to telecommunications, photonics and electronics.

Mika Setala, the director of partnerships at Nokia, said in statement: “3D and virtual worlds have the potential to revolutionise the [mobile] user experience.”

One of the very first mobile applications described by the companies is a virtual control panel designed for a mobile device, which will be capable of controlling lighting and heating in the real world.