IT GCSE Take-Up Falls By 17 Per Cent

Students taking part in ICT courses at GSCE level have fallen by 17 per cent, adding to fears that the UK will soon run out of employable IT talent.

According to tech news site IT Pro, this year 61,022 students undertook the ICT GCSE level examination, 17 per cent less than the 73,519 students who took the exam last year for the examination.

The drop in the number of students taking the IT course follows last week's 24 per cent fall in students taking the IT A-Level examinations.

The UK IT industry is less than happy with the falling numbers of students taking up IT courses despite being surrounded by technology at home, schools and colleges.

According to the estimates, the IT workforce requirement is set to rise by almost 4 times in the next 5 years. By 2014, it is estimated that UK IT firms will require 500,000 highly trained IT professional to fulfil their computing requirements.