Kingston RAM overclocked to 3,068MHz

American memory maker Kingston claims to have smashed the DDR3 overclocking record at the Gamescom show in Cologne this month, after a couple of notorious overclockers cranked a pair of Kingston's sticks up to a sky-high speed of 3,068MHz (effective).

According to Kingston, the memory used was the 2,333MHz KHX2333C9D3T1K3/3GX triple-channel kit that it launched in June. However, the test rig itself was a standard dual-channel LGA1156 setup, so only two of the modules would have been used.

After fitting two of the 1GB DIMMs into a Gigabyte P55-UD6 motherboard, and slotting a Core i7 870 CPU into the socket, overclocking maestros Benjamin "Benji Tshi" Bioux and Jean-Baptiste "marmot" Gerard started to work their magic.

The rig was cooled using liquid nitrogen, and the memory was clocked all the way up to 1,534MHz (3,068MHz effective), with latency timings of 8-11-8-31.

The result not only demolishes the 3GHz barrier, but also breaks previous DDR3 records. Earlier this year, overclocker Matose managed to get a 4GB dual-channel Corsair CMGTX1 kit to run happily at 2,906MHz using dry ice for cooling, but that's a good 700MHz (effective) behind Kingston's latest result.

Any doubters can check out the CPU-Z result from the session, which appears to have even surprised the overclockers. "We knew this module had a lot of potential," said Gerard, but being able to push it that far and break the record for memory frequency even surprised me. We are eager to see what Kingston has in the pipeline for the future."