Motorola announces Android 2.2 update

Mobile phone manufacturer Motorola has unveiled its plans for updating their Android handsets, with news that it will still be sometime before version 2.2 of the Google OS is rolled out - if at all.

Motorola made public their news through their European Facebook account, with a link through to their website's forum detailing when the latest Android iteration will be arriving around the world.

The Motorola Milestone was the only handset in the UK to be updated to 2.2 and during Q4 of this year, where that very handset shipped at the tail end of 2009.

This news leaves out the Android 1.5 based Motorola Dext from being updated, where it's been confirmed by the forum post they will not be receiving the update to Froyo or even 2.1.

In America, the Dext is known as Cliq and it will be receiving an update to 2.1 - where Canada and the Asia-Pacific regions could have that version of the Google OS too.

The Facebook status update did actually show for a short period of time the Dext will be upgraded to 2.1, seen here. This message was mysteriously taken down, with no news as to why.

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