Nokia budget handset launched

Mobile phone maker's Nokia has unveiled the budget touch screen 5250 handset, the replacement model to last year's 5230 with a new design similar to the higher-end models whilst still keeping the costs low.

Nokia's 5250 is a 2.8-inch touch screen handset, running Symbian ^1 with just GSM and EDGE connectivity with the design and look to the Nokia X6 phone - instead of the older model it's replacing.

The Nokia 5230 was a 3.2-inch touch screen device, running Symbian S60 and is very reminiscent of the older Xpress Music handsets. It was shipped with the same connections as the newer model - where both phones have 3G and WIFI missing.

Access to the mobile maker's application Ovi store will be on offer with the new handset, which is likely to be accompanied by Comes With Music that has just been rebranded Ovi Music Unlimited.

Nokia's 5250 is expected to ship later on in the year with a cost of around the £100 mark and is bound to be showing up on pay as you go deals, from various network operators.

One Mobile Ring is attending Nokia's annual symposium mid September, where we'll bring you the low down on the new models from the event as they're aired to the media.


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