Places Brings Location-Based Services To Facebook

Facebook has released the highly anticipated Facebook Places location sharing service.

Facebook Places, which is available for users in the US only, allows people to broadcast their location to their friends.

The social networking giant has introduced another Foursquare like 'check-in' feature, which allows users to check-in at partner establishments to let let friends know where they are and highlight discounts and special offers.

The new Facebook feature has been described by the company as the best thing happened to the platform for a long time.

In recent months, Facebook had come under criticism from privacy watchdogs and users for its confusing and lax privacy settings, so the release of Facebook Places has given CEO Mark Zuckerberg and users something to celebrate.

Even so, there are some who have criticised the company for not being innovative enough. Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowely has called the new Facebook feature boring and lacking in innovation.

Despite this, advertisers looking to capitalise on user location will always go for the platform with the largest user base, and with over 500 million, this is Facebook. Boring or not, Facebook Places will bring in revenue.