A Quarter Of Brits Access Internet With Mobile Devices

A new report has revealed that a quarter of Britons access the internet via mobile devices.

Information technology news website BCS reported on Monday that, according to a report from UK independent communications watchdog Ofcom, 23 per cent of people in the United Kingdom access web services through their mobile devices, such as smartphones.

The Communications Market 2010 report revealed that social networking has become a significant part of lives of Britons and people are connecting with people even when they are out and on then move.

"Thanks in part to the advent and increasing popularity of smartphones, the everyday Briton is now confronted by an ever-advancing wave of digital information and data,” said Paul Philips, regional director at Brocade Communications.

According to Philips, record-breaking sale of Apple’s iPad has indicated that boundaries between networks are decreasing every day.

Another study, conducted by ABI research, has stated that nearly 60 per cent of the total handsets will sport an internal internet browser by 2015.