Samsung Galaxy S Unlock Codes Released

The unlock codes for Samsung's Android-based Galaxy S smartphone - and its US variants, the AT&T Captivate and T-Mobile Vibrant - have been unearthed by Xda-Developers.

According to Phone News, the developers discovered the unlock codes hidden inside the smartphone, most likely provided by the company.

The Xda-Developers have detailed the steps needed to unlock the device. They have also provided an 'unfreeze' code should the phone freeze after multiple failed attempts.

Xda-developers have also warned that users perform the hacks at their own risk, saying that there is a chance that the phone could become irreversibly damaged and its warranty voided.

The developers have also provided a code which reverses the whole process and restores the smartphone back to is original factory settings, if users decided to return the phone to AT&T or T-Mobile in the future.