Steam for Linux rumours denied

Valve has denied that it's gaming portal Steam will be coming to Linux any time in the near future.

A simple ten-word statement made as part of a larger interview by Valve marketeer Doug Lombardi has apparently put paid to the gaming aspirations of penguin fans the world over, with some tech sites insisting that the VP's ambiguous address has driven the final nail into the Steam on Linux coffin forever.

What Lombardi actually said is, "There's no Linux version that we're working on right now."

What he didn't say is, "We're never going to release a version of Steam for Linux ever. Not even if you held a gun to our head. Linux sucks."

Which is pretty much what you would have thought he had said judging from some of the headlines doing the rounds.

Of course, even if Valve had a version of Steam for Linux deep in development the company wouldn't spoil the surprise by shouting about it in interviews.

Have we all forgotten the secrecy and intrigue which surrounded the release of the Mac version of the online gaming service?