Telecom Execs Against Net Neutrality

A survey has shown that majority of telecom executives disagree with the concept of net neutrality.

News outfit The Globe and Mail has reported that, in a survey of international mobile executives, around 55 per cent of the total mobile executives surveyed want to break away from fixed line and mobile net neutrality, indicating that the mobile industry is willing to charge content providers for giving priority to them.

The survey, which was conducted by Law company Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, also indicates that there are a number of legal loopholes in the existing system which will need to be fixed before discrimination between the types of data on the internet can happen.

“The survey responses indicate that the greater the bandwidth used by a particular app or user, that’s when it would merit a different fee structure. [Traffic] prioritisation is likely to be looked at very closely by regulators,” said Natasha Good, a partner with the law firm.