Thieves Exploit iTunes Flaw To Empty Users' PayPal Accounts

Cyber crooks have exploited a security flaw in Apple’s iTunes to steal thousands of dollars from users' accounts.

Apple Insider reports that a number of iTunes users have been tricked into paying heavy charges from their iTunes accounts via the online payment service PayPal.

PayPal has already started reimbursing the victims, but claimed that the flaw is in iTunes.

Apple has said that it is aware of the flaw, and is currently working on a permanent fix.

Discussing new security measures to combat the flaw, an Apple spokesperson told San Jose Mercury News: “Among other new security measures iTunes now requires more frequent re-entry of a customer's credit card security code”.

“But if your credit card or iTunes password is stolen and used on iTunes, we recommend that you contact your financial institution and enquire about cancelling the card and issuing a charge-back for any unauthorised transactions”, the spokesperson added.