UK Defense Secretary Request For Medal Of Honor Boycott Ignored

The Entertainment Retailers' Association will ignore the call by Defense secretary Liam Fox to boycott EA's Medal of Honour for allowing gamers to play the role of Talibans.

Not only did the ERA confirm that the game will be available and in stock as long as there is demand for it, even the Department for Culture, Media and Sport said that Fox's rant was a personal one and not a prelude to an official ban, thereby distancing themselves.

Matt Peckham from PC World added that it is kind of strange that Liam Fox's rants revolve around the claim that you can kill British soldiers when, in fact EA confirmed that not only players can't kill British Soldiers but there's not even any British troops in it.

So in effect, Liam Fox is criticising a game he didn't play and possibly, didn't even looked at it. Ironically, calls by public figures for bans normally have the exact opposite effect.

When MP Keith Vaz asked for Call of Duty : MW2 to be banned because of that infamous airport shot, it went on to become the biggest selling video game in the country.

Therefore, the amount of publicity that Fox is bringing to the game might actually cause it to sell far more than it would have otherwise.