Vodafone Rolls Out Android 2.2 Update For HTC Desire

Vodafone has started to roll out the highly anticipated over-the-air Android 2.2 update for HTC Desire owners on its network.

Tech news site Tech Radar has reported that Vodafone has started to release Android 2.2 update, codenamed Froyo, for the existing users of Android-based HTC Desire handset.

The move is expected to be followed by other carriers within a months time.

Vodafone has also removed all the applications it had forced users into installing earlier in the month.

The company has said that the applications are removed from the smartphone when the Android updated is installed. This is expected to engance the speed of the Android-based smartphone.

According to Google, the latest version of its operating system promises enhanced speed and better performance.

The release statement said: “2x-5x performance speed up for CPU-heavy code over Android 2.1 with Dalvik JIT.”

Vodafone has said that the update will be made available to all its HTC Desire owners over the next two weeks, and that it requires 25Mb of free space in the internal memory to install.